Friday, September 3, 2010

Autumn Lover

Are you an Autumn lover? I must confess that I am. I love the cool weather of course. I became engaged in Autumn, just a few days after Thanksgiving, twenty-five years ago. 

 I love decorating our home for all the different seasons, but the Autumn decor is my favorite. Christmas is my second favorite, but it seems that there is so much pressure and stress around that time of year for me. With the church activities every year...(hubby is pastor), Christmas decorating is done in a hurried frenzy it seems. But with the Autumn, I can relax and enjoy, take several days starting the first of September, and then our home feels so inviting with the all the reds, golds, burnt orange, ivory and browns. It smells spicy and yummy with all the scentsy burners, candles and potpouri.

Today, after a week of almost complete bed rest due to a herniated disc in my back, I was able to decorate my sideboard by creating an Autumn Vignette. Then I rested for a couple of hours and did the china cabinet and made some vignettes in the kitchen area also. I even made one for the top of the fridge. And, I went ahead and did a tablescape as well.

We live in the church parsonage which is a double wide mobile home. We hope to buy or build our own home soon, but until we do, then I am content to make this home that the Lord has provided, a place of joy for my family to come home to. Be thankful for what you have and don't bemoan what you don't have. Just make what you have beautiful.

Mr. Rooster was given to me by some friends in our church. I really like him, but they didn't. Not into the rooster thing I guess. I was glad to take him off thier hands!

The plates came from Ross. Aren't they adorable?

The Atumn Sideboard. I love creating vignettes. Fun and Pretty.

Below is the China Cabinet

In the pic below, you'll see a vignette in a basket. I have a Bose Ipod dock/ Player which we kept on the bar/counter area. by putting it in this basket along with a small lamp, candle and a bit of floral, it will now be easy to pick up and move out of the way when arranging a buffet here. This counter is opposite of the dinning area and very convenient for serving buffet style.

I hope you've enjoyed my little bit of Autumn Bliss. I'll be posting more photos of our Autumn Home Decor as I get more done.
Hope you are having fun preparing your home for Autumn.


  1. I can see that you are well ahead of me when it comes to Autumn decorating around the home, your sideboard vignette is lovely and has inspired me to begin.
    Thanks for stopping by NL earlier today, pop in again whenever you like!

  2. Everything looks beautiful! I love the colors on the border of your rooster plates! I hope you'll consider joining the Barnyard Bash with your pretty post:@)

  3. Sooooo festive! You did a beautiful job!!!

    Happy Sunday to you.


  4. It looks lovely! I am hanging on to summer while it is still summer. To everything there is a season, :) I don't like to rush summer away! I do love Fall though!

  5. Autumn is my favorite when it comes to decorating and for all the same reasons as yours...except my hubby is not a pastor and we didn't get engaged in the fall.

    All of your decor is beautiful and perfectly placed. Thanks for sharing your talents with us.

  6. I'm impressed that you've managed to decorate so beautifully for fall while not feeling your best! I see you're in Texas, too -- let's hope we get some fall-like weather soon! Your table looks great -- very inviting.

  7. So pretty! I love decorating for fall too. I can't wait. You have really set the mood here. Lovely table.

  8. Your home is looking like autumn, to those rooster plates and that handsome rooster in the center of the table.

  9. Very pretty autumn decor! I like all your vignettes! Love the plates with the copper coffee pot, sugar and creamer!

    I really like your idea to do a tablescape just for your husband (and you) with his favorite hymn sandwiched between clear plates. I was at Dollar Tree yesterday and they have clear dinner plates!

    Nice job!


  10. Oh my -- for you to get out of your sick bed and do such a lovely table is amazing!

    I hope you are doing better... and thanks for sharing such a lovely table. Great ideas!

    Im celebrating a jump on Halloween fun... stop by.. would love to see you.

  11. All of this and a bad back, too! You're a better woman than I. Everything is beautiful. You have a great eye for design. Thank you for sharing your charming vignettes. Cherry Kay

  12. Oh my goodness, everything is just beautiful! I think that my favorite part is the autumn sideboard. Gorgeous. I'm trying to learn the art of laying just the right things. You seem to be a master of it.


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