Friday, February 25, 2011

Just Dropping In

I am in desperate need to get inspiration to do some decorating in my home. Since the wedding of my son, I haven't gotten it back in shape. We used so much of my decor and I was really exhausted after the wedding, so I didn't redecorate. Everything was just put in containers in the closet and on shelves. So, I need to get it together and decide on a theme or color scheme.
We have netural colored furniture, as you can see in the pic, so that I can change it up with different colored pillows and such. I love using larger scarves for the window treatments since it's so easy to change it out using the color you're going with.

It's time to visit some blogs, dig out the magazines and get going.
I've been so busy with my scrapbooking business that I have let my home go a bit. It's time to change that. :)
By the way, if you haven't visited my scrapbookblog please drop by.
Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

Thought I'd show you my little Scrapping Partner!

This is Ginger. She's usually right at my feet while I'm scrapping. She loves me totally and irrevocably. It's so funny how she will run all around the house trying to find me at times. What a sweet, loyal little gal she is. My hubby is in love with her too. He spoils her. He is her "Animal Cracker" guy. Every evening around 9 or so, she begs for her crackers.
When we went to purchase a poodle, I had chosen one a bit bigger, but he picked her up and said, "This is the one." She was more expensive, but he wanted to get her for me. She has not been a disappointment. We adore her.
We have to watch her though....she loves to chew on scrapbook supplies that fall on the floor while I'm working, especially paper. Go figure....what is so tasty about paper?

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Down Scrapbook Memory Lane

I had an urge this evening to look at some of the photos of my layouts I've sold on ebay over the past five years. There are so many, that I'll only be sharing a few at a time, and still not all of them will be shown.
It was an interesting  ride down the lane of my scrapbook past. I love some of the layouts, others look so plain, and some look too busy. I have always said that I have "Scrapbook ADD" and that's quite alright! I might do cutesie today and vintage tomorrow. Looking back, I can see that I do have a certain style however, even though I use different techniqes and embellishing.

So here are a few for tonight and I'll list more another day.

I remember loving this layout when I did it. It was a good seller too. :)

Love Boy Layouts! I still think this one is adorable. I wrote a poem for it.

This Lemonade one is one from way back. It's cute though.

Paper Piecing layout. I was still new to paper piecing, but this one turned out really cute. Love the grungy sunflowers!

This one was done about a year ago, I think.

A Cute Halloween one.

I'll be listing more later.

(Please do Not copy my work for resale on ebay, etsy, or blogs) Thanks so much!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Creating More in 2011

One of my resolutions for this year was to create more. To take more time for the things I enjoy. It is restful and relaxing when I go into my little studio area, pick up my papers and look through all my stash. Ideas can come from many different sources and sometimes very surprising ones. Recently, I had an old inspirational song on my mind, and then did a Paper Bag Mini Album using the lyrics to the song.
Here's a few pics of the mini. Watch the video for a live look.
You can view the video for this album by clicking the link: