Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My First Posted Tablescape

My middle son was off work yesterday, so he dropped by our house for lunch and then he and his dad hung out for awhile in town.
I made a simple, but very tasty meal of meatloaf, mashed potatoes, broccoli  and my hubby's favorite side dish, yellow hominy.
The pictures are not the best since I just grabbed my phone to take some quick shots before the guys sat down to eat.
This tablescape photo shoot actually includes food on the table. (I had forgotten the napkins until after the pictures were taken but used yellow ones to go with the color scheme)

Got the awesome vase at Marshalls. The elephants from Ross and the candle holders from Hobby Lobby.
Those awesome white serving bowls came from Ross.

Love my fun elephant plates that I picked up at Ross the other day. They had only 4 of these and one larger dinner plate, which I am using as a serving plater for this meal. The black chargers were bought on our travels and I can't remember where I got them. The silverware came from Target. Love the shape of the spoons.

Ha! The meat loaf on the larger dinner plate/platter!

The table as a whole.

A little closer view of the plates.


  1. ooh, i love your plates!! the black chargers really help them make a statement. Wonderful.

  2. The elephant plates are so fun! Nice find.

    Some news: We're staring a Giveaway Friday! link-up party this Fri. 8/27 plus we are giving away custom backsplash! Hope you'll join us.


  3. I love your tablescape! Your dishes are wonderful!!!

  4. I love your table and those whimsical plates are the cutest.

  5. The whimsical elephant plates are a true treasure. Welcome to tablescape blog land! Thank you for sharing your charming design. Cherry Kay

  6. Welcome to Tablescape Thursday! So glad you've decided to join us! I love your elephant plates, and that flatware pattern really complements them nicely. I know your husband and middle son were delighted to get such a special meal!

  7. Your table is so nice and colorful and the meatloaf looks very appetizing on that "platter"!

    Isn't this so much fun? I'm pretty new as well! Hope to see your tables in the future!

  8. Your table looks like you are a world traveler. I adore the square elephant plates! Mmmmm the meal sounds so appetizing.

  9. Very nice table. Love the plates! They remind me of my sunflower plates in shape and color. That meal looks wonderful. Thanks for stopping by.

  10. The plates are lovely! Welcome to TTH!

  11. I'm enjoying browsing your blog, it's very pretty! Love this tablescape, great elephant plates!! The food looks yummy! I love yellow hominy too, I found a new recipe using it with tomatoes, rice, etc., haven't tried it yet.

    Have a nice weekend!


  12. LOVE those plates!!! I don't have a single square one in my collection, and I want some. They add so much interest. And that pattern is fantastic.

  13. omg ive been looking for more of those plates i almost died when i say that picture...i would pay anything to have thoses email me if interside


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