Monday, September 13, 2010

Monday Morning Blues? No Way!

The only things blue about my Mondays are the sky above, pretty blue dishes and the blue of my husband's sparkling eyes.

I love Mondays. It is the day that Rich and I spend together. Pastoring a church is such a joy, but with that joy comes the need to have one day a week totally devoted to doing what we love. Sometimes that is antique stores, other times we spend the day shopping at thrift stores, the mall, and hobby stores. One of our favorite things to do on Mondays is sleep in, then meander our way to town, eat something wonderful and then spend time browsing or reading at book stores. We love the Half-Price Book stores in Houston. I have found some wonderful books in those stores.

On one of our recent outings, my hubby surprised me by purchasing something I've wanted for a while. He made the statement that he needed to run in Lowes for a minute and came out with a wooden wagon with wrought iron wheels for the front deck. He knew I wanted one for my Autumn Decor. Can't wait to fill it with some mums, pumpkins and such. Here it is with my sweet baby girl posing for me. Isn't she a darling.


  1. Sallie, I love monday's too! I can relax and regroup! I hope you post pictures of your new wagon filled with the bounty of Autumn.

  2. Hi Sallie.

    Thanks for stopping by Tabletop Time. It was great to have you at the table! Your new wagon looks so cute, and I'm looking forward to seeing it filled with fall goodies!



  3. What a great smile. I would never have the Monday blues looking at that cutie.



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