Friday, December 16, 2011

Our "Antique Toy" Display on the Sofa Table

When I was a little girl, I always wanted a Mrs. Beasley Doll. (Pictured above) I knew someone who had one and when I would be at her house she would say, "You can look at her put don't pick her up." I really was sad that I couldn't hold Mrs. Beasley. How many of you remember Mrs. Beasley?
Hubby got her for me this year! He gave her to me early so that she could be a part of our Antique Toy Display.

These Raggedy Ann and Andy Dolls were made by my mother, and I'm so glad to have them. They are a treasure to me.

This little monkey we purchased from an antique store. It is identical to the one my hubby had as a child.! He's sitting on a very old container of Lincoln Logs.

This Yellow Wagon is about 40 years old. BabyLove got it from ebay, because he had one just like it when he was a child. It was a Christmas present one year. He was very excited about getting it. It is in very great condition.

I need to take a picture of the Quilt it is all sitting on. It was made for me by my mother. It has a Raggedy Ann and Andy on it. So cute and such a great keepsake!

I hope you enjoyed my Antique Toy Display!


  1. Sallie,
    What a beautiful display... I love all of your toys! What wonderful memories!


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