Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Decor GONE!

I hope everyone had a joyous Christmas. We sure enjoyed the time with our kids. Two new daughters this year, since our two sons got married.
On Monday, the day after Christmas, BabyLove took down all the Christmas Decor and wound up taking two truck loads of stuff to the shed for storage until next year. Wow.....that was a lot of work on his part. He was so sweet to do all that for me. Some of it was the Fall decor that I still had in the guest room. Instead of taking it out to the shed when I went out for the Christmas Tubs, I just left it in the guest room. It made extra work for BabyLove....sorry about that dear.

Yesterday, Wednesday, I had an empty living room. All the surfaces, (mantle, sideboard, tables, antique radios,...) was totally bare.....gasp! My daughter in law, Brittany, had been over Monday night and said everything looked so empty. And she was right. I had so much Christmas Clutter that when it was all removed, it certainly did look empty.
This morning, I got up to a newly redecorated home. It will stay this way a while...., well, maybe. I do have "Decor ADHD!" I seem to have to change it up a bit each season and sometimes more. Here is what I did yesterday.:

I love the burst of a different color in the scheme of things. I added the lime flowers and candles on a whim and I totally love it. 

My sideboard is my favorite piece of furniture in my home. I got that wonderful mirror at an antique store at a real bargain. I love leaning items against the wall instead of hanging them.

This Gorgeous Painting was one of my Christmas Gifts....from my son, Joel. Isn't it beautiful!

The mantle! Love the Key! I found it at hobby lobby on the clearance asile!

My hubby's little spot.....His antique radio gets a bit of decor too. Don't worry....he has an entire room that he has to himself to decorate. His mancave is full of things that he loves.
I need to do a blog post of the mancave. It is full of antique, whimsy, western, coca-cola, comical decor......It's all about who he is and what he loves. He is a History Buff.

Don't you love how changing out pillows on the furniture just makes everything look totally fresh and different?!

The Birdcage is another Hobby-Lobby find. BabyLove found it and brought it to me when I was in the check out line. Just had to have it! :)

I am now, going to get my scrapbook room organized and can't wait to get to working in there again. It's been quite a while since I had time to do any scrapbooking.

Hope everyone will enjoy getting back in the groove again, and getting your homes back to normal after the Christmas festivities.
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