Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Back to the Past!

A few weeks ago, I did a post with some of my past layouts and promised to post more of them soon. It's fun looking back to the past and seeing what your time and effort has accomplished. Blogging gives us an opportunity to archive our scrappy art, share it with fellow artists, and feel a sense of accomplishment that we have contributed a small amount to the grand and vast beauty in our great big world.

After going down "scrapbook memory lane" I am inspired! I may even try to make one of these layouts again for ebay.

I hope all of you are saving pictures of your creations. It's fun to look back isn't it?
We certainly grow and improve with time, but there are some things that turn out to be timeless, classic, and always inspiring.


  1. Oh honey your layouts are beautiful. It is a lot of fun looking back at what you've created over the years. I've looked back on some of my older creations heehee lets just say it's out dated.
    These days I tend to embellish until the card is so heavy the muscles in my hand cramp up.LOL
    Have a beautiful day
    Hugs Bonnie


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