Monday, August 22, 2011

The auction was going strong when they rolled out this beautiful sideboard, a few months ago in a nearby town. I wanted it. Babylove started bidding for me and can you believe we walked out that night with this beautiful treasure for only $85.00! Now that is what I call a wonderful night! I was so excited. Our home is a double wide mobile, and that presents some major decorating challenges, but I won't let it deter me from making our home a place we love.

As the stores fill with school supplies and children return to school in the community, I feel that familiar tug at my senses to begin my fall decorating. It's a bit early for that, so I am just incorporating a bit of the colors to my decor for now. Am playing around with the sideboard and entry table. I love decorating for Fall and then for Christmas.

One of the best decor items is books and the best part is that books fit into most any design style. I love using books to add height and dimension. And one of my favorite books "Welcome Home" by Emily Barnes rests on the entry table to welcome my kids each weekend.

In the photo below, you'll see a glass bowl with a brass rim and bottom stand. BabyLove came out of an antique store several years ago with this in his hand. "What in the world is that thing" was my first thought as I saw him smiling like he'd found a rare and priceless jewel. I thought it was some sort of globe for a light fixture. When he handed it to me I saw that it was a bowl. It was filthy and I was so happy that he had bought me something, just wasn't sure I was happy with the something he had bought.
Wow! After washing it with hot water and dawn dish liquid I sat it on the counter top and was amazed. It has a sheer like quality in places and swirls that are lightly running through the glass. It is now one of my favorite things to use in decor. I'm always reaching for this bowl to make arrangements and vignettes. Thanks Honey! I love it!


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