Friday, February 25, 2011

Thought I'd show you my little Scrapping Partner!

This is Ginger. She's usually right at my feet while I'm scrapping. She loves me totally and irrevocably. It's so funny how she will run all around the house trying to find me at times. What a sweet, loyal little gal she is. My hubby is in love with her too. He spoils her. He is her "Animal Cracker" guy. Every evening around 9 or so, she begs for her crackers.
When we went to purchase a poodle, I had chosen one a bit bigger, but he picked her up and said, "This is the one." She was more expensive, but he wanted to get her for me. She has not been a disappointment. We adore her.
We have to watch her though....she loves to chew on scrapbook supplies that fall on the floor while I'm working, especially paper. Go figure....what is so tasty about paper?


  1. i adore your scrapping buddy.......they are all so special.....


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