Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Down Scrapbook Memory Lane

I had an urge this evening to look at some of the photos of my layouts I've sold on ebay over the past five years. There are so many, that I'll only be sharing a few at a time, and still not all of them will be shown.
It was an interesting  ride down the lane of my scrapbook past. I love some of the layouts, others look so plain, and some look too busy. I have always said that I have "Scrapbook ADD" and that's quite alright! I might do cutesie today and vintage tomorrow. Looking back, I can see that I do have a certain style however, even though I use different techniqes and embellishing.

So here are a few for tonight and I'll list more another day.

I remember loving this layout when I did it. It was a good seller too. :)

Love Boy Layouts! I still think this one is adorable. I wrote a poem for it.

This Lemonade one is one from way back. It's cute though.

Paper Piecing layout. I was still new to paper piecing, but this one turned out really cute. Love the grungy sunflowers!

This one was done about a year ago, I think.

A Cute Halloween one.

I'll be listing more later.

(Please do Not copy my work for resale on ebay, etsy, or blogs) Thanks so much!


  1. Sallie,
    I enjoyed seeing your earlier work. Thanks for sharing!


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