Saturday, January 15, 2011

Weddig snapshots of my son Trey and his bride, Caryn

YES, I cried like a baby. The mother of the groom cried as she was ushered down the asile into her pew. My son was getting married to the girl of his dreams. The most perfect girl in the world for him. She loves him totally and I am so very grateful to God for this beautiful union. The wedding was so beautiful. Before it started, as we were lining up to be ushered in, she called to me from door of the room she was waiting in. I went in the hug her and began to cry. Why? For one thing she is the answer of this mother's prayer for my son. She is everything I have always prayed that God would send to him. And, she was beautiful. I couldn't help myself. I couldn't stop crying either through out the entire wedding. It was beautiful and my husband, who is their pastor, did a wonderful job with the ceremony also.

We haven't recieved the photographers photos yet. The ones here are just snapshots from different cameras at the wedding.

The photos do not do justice to the church. It was so beautiful.

Her Dad gives her over to the Groom

My hubby, thier Pastor, marries the happy couple. (He did an awesome job too)

Nothing makes a mother happy, like seeing Joy on the face of her child.

Caryn told me what she wanted for her headpiece and asked me to keep a look-out for an antique hat with the white netting while antique shopping. I found one, and she and I made her headpiece with a slim headband, the netting and dazzling diamond bling. It was beautiful.

 Sparkling Grape Juice ...(no spirits...) It was delicious. She had crackers, cheese and these bottles of Welches Sparkling Grape juice in buckets on the tables. It was a big hit, while the photos were being taken, the guests were seated and enjoyed the trays until the wedding party got over to the reception.

This is the large table we have in the foyer of the church. I decorated it for the wedding. (Gotta love a decorating surface) This pic was taken during the time we were all decorating, so there are odds and ends people placed there....cell phones, planners, etc....

It's a little dark, but the bouquet is made of feathers, and embellishing . It is absolutely Gorgeous.
Can't wait to get better pics so I can show the bridesmaid dresses. Very Beautiful.

The Reception was formal with everyone being served at the table. The tables were very pretty and everyone loved being served.

The Gown on the dress form was the Wedding Gown worn by the Brides Mother at her wedding. We displayed it, and I did a beautiful printout, added bling and placed it on a music stand. A friend of mine, Jennifer Byrd, decorated the bottom of the stand for me. I had asked my other future daughter in law to do it, but she just ran out of time. She worked so hard and is so talented. I am going to have fun with my daughter in laws. They love decorating as much as I do and they are both very talented. Many thanks to Jenny for her help. She did a beautiful job.

This is the beautiful Candy Table that she wanted done for the reception. My niece helped us to get this one done after the rehersal on Friday Evening. 

Isn't the Wedding Cake Gorgeous!

This is the Guest Book Table done by my 2nd Future daughter in law, Brittany. She and Andrew will be married July 2, 2011 at our church here in Batson also.

I'll Post more photos when we get the professional ones.
It was a beautiful wedding and just think: We get to do it all over again in 6 months.


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