Sunday, January 9, 2011

Vintage Parisian Wedding Shower

In November, I had a marvelous time decorating for my son's sweet bride to be. Our church always hosts a shower for any members getting married, so even though it was a bit different for "the mother of the groom" to do the decorating for the wedding shower, being the Pastor's wife gave me the opportunity to do so.

I used a "Vintage Parisian" theme, incorporating hat boxes, a huge wrought iron chandelier, old dresses and dress forms, purses, shoes, feathers, and lots more.

My favorite part was getting to create a little outdoor parisian cafe scene complete with a window and awning. It made really adorable pics of the happy couple too!

The place where they sat to open the gifts was done with an old arch and the chandelier. It took me two days to decorate the fellowship hall for this shower. I loved it though!

For the dessert table, I created a wedding dress from tulle on a wicker dress form and sat it in the center of the table, layer the tulle to cover the entire table.  For the cake, I had a lady in the church bake it and put the icing on, then I added chocolate truffles and assorted nuts around each layer edge to decorate it. It was beautiful and tasted wonderful.

I created vignettes for the tables:



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